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We are honored to announce the Gabriel Rissman LOVE Fund, an emergency fund supporting the immediate needs of families or their child suffering from a Substance Use Disorder. This fund covers emergency expenses that relate to critical care services and the wellbeing of families.




The LOVE Fund was created in honor of Gabriel ("Gabe") Rissman, who passed away suddenly in December of 2021 at the age of 21. Gabe had an infectious spirit and was always able to make those around him feel special, heard and loved. His seemingly endless group of friends from all corners of the world, as well as acquaintances, spoke of his extraordinary kindness, quick-witted humor, empathy and immeasurable sweetness. Gabe was often described by his loved ones as having "a heart of gold." He was a quiet role model who inspired by example and had an exuberant passion for life.


From Ariel Rissman, Gabe's big sister and member of LITT's Sibling Grief Group:




Perhaps what Gabe was best known for outside of his strong ethos was his love for tennis. He was a tenacious and talented player who was constantly training and looking to improve upon his game and mindset. Aside from strengthening his technical game, Gabe was also a huge proponent of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and psychology, which he embraced in order to improve upon himself both on and off the court.

A life without our beloved Gabe is inconceivable. Each day without his laughter and contagious smile is painful. We now join in grief with the millions of families who mourn their loved ones lost to this insidious disease. Through this fund and in Gabe's giving spirit, we are partnering with LITT to establish the Gabriel Rissman LOVE Fund. We are immensely grateful for any and all donations made in his beautiful memory. 

With love,


Ariel Rissman  

Addiction is a costly disease — mentally, physically and emotionally. The Gabriel Rissman LOVE Fund, will allow LITT to assist families in a multitude of ways that support healing, individually and as a family, from this disease. 

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501(c)(3) Tax ID Number: 84-2617270 

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