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Support group for parents of a child who is actively using or in recovery

Our parent support group is for parents with a child in active addiction or recovery from any substance. We meet weekly by Zoom and openly share our stories, provide honest feedback, and help one another take this journey without shame. 

Loving a child who is struggling with a substance use disorder can be lonely, isolating, and painful. LITT is here for you. 

What to expect from a LITT support group 

There is no fee to join any of our groups.

All groups currently meet by Zoom and once you have been placed in a group you will receive a Zoom link to attend meetings.

Group leaders are also available for one-on-one confidential conversations and support.

Your privacy is important to us and your information will not be shared.

Meet our support group leaders

Shawn Nocher is the co-founder of LITT and the mother of a son in recovery. She and her husband have two adult children and two adorable grandchildren.


Shawn is a graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland and the MA in Writing program at Johns Hopkins. In addition to her commitment to LITT, she teaches part-time at Hopkins and is also the author of two novels and numerous short stories, many of which examine our relationship to those afflicted with a substance use disorder.

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Husband and wife, Mary DeMarco and Buddy Wolfe have been navigating substance use disorder with their son since 2016 when he called from college to let them know he was struggling with opioid use. Families are complicated and their son’s substance use disorder took its toll on a family where siblings were already struggling with various forms of addictive behavior as a result of trauma and depression.


Mary and Buddy have been active participants in LITT since its inception and have navigated these last years by learning as much as they can about substance use disorder and recovery. This has been a long and complicated journey to healing for the entire family. With their family currently in recovery, Mary and Buddy are ready to share what they have learned and help other parents in their difficult journey. 

Jen Smith has been a part of the LITT community since spring of 2020. She now leads our support groups with love, compassion, and understanding, helping parents navigate this difficult journey. 

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