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Support groups for parents who are suffering the collateral damage of their child’s addiction

Love In The Trenches currently offers a variety of support groups aimed at supporting parents suffering the collateral damage of their child’s addiction. We also offer a sibling grief group led by a social worker for siblings who have lost a brother or sister to this illness.

All of our support groups are a safe place to use our collective stories and experiences to learn coping skills as we navigate this illness and its effects on the family. Peer leaders and parents share networking opportunities, education, recovery resources, and strategies for communicating with both extended family and a child with a substance use disorder.

Our grief groups are a place of healing and an opportunity to examine a deep well of emotions amongst others who have traveled the same journey.

Join our support groups

LITT support groups typically meet bi-weekly or weekly, and members are encouraged to remain in touch and/or reach out to one another outside of meetings should a crisis arise. All meetings are currently held on ZOOM.  

All groups are led by LITT leaders who are no strangers to the shame, chaos, and love that comes with having a child struggling with substance use disorder. 

If you are interested in joining a group please follow the links below:



for parents of a child currently active in addiction, or in recovery

>>Learn more about our parents support groups here


for parents who have lost a child as a result of addiction 

>>Learn more about our grief support groups for parents here


for siblings who have lost a sibling to the disease of addiction

>>Learn more about our grief support group for siblings here

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