What is Undo the OD?

Undo The OD is LITT's campaign to equip local bars, restaurants, college campuses and other gathering spaces with Naloxone (Narcan) nasal spray. We provide Naloxone free of charge as well as train the staff on how to appropriately administer it. Undo The OD empowers management and staff to actively save a life even before EMS arrive. 

Naloxone is a safe drug that has saved thousands of lives. Similar to carrying an EpiPen or having an AED on site, carrying Naloxone is a preventative measure that keeps our community members safe. It does not harm or put the carrier at risk, and has the power to save a life. 

If you are a Maryland business owner who would like to participate in LITT's Undo The OD program, please submit the form below, making sure to include the name of your business in your message, and a member of our staff will get back to you.