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Support group for siblings who have lost a sibling to addiction or overdose

Our sibling grief support group is for siblings who have lost a brother or sister to an overdose or addiction. We meet once per month by Zoom to discuss our loss, the way it has changed our family, and how we move forward in our own lives. 

As a sibling, we shared a bond forged by our childhoods as well as the ramifications of addiction. The loss of a sibling who suffered from the disease of addiction forever alters our place in our families and the world at large. LITT is a place to reconcile the anguish, confusion, and pain of our new normal.

 LITT is here for you. 

What to expect from a LITT support group 

There is no fee to join any of our groups and no obligation to attend regularly.

All groups currently meet by Zoom and once you have been placed in a group you will receive a Zoom link to attend meetings.

Group leaders are also available for one-on-one confidential conversations and support.

Your privacy is important to us and your information will not be shared.

Meet our support group leader

Taylor Kirkbride is our Sibling Grief Group Leader.

Bio Coming Soon!

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