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Yoga on Deck


Love in the Trenches is excited to announce a live, online Yoga Class led by Prema Paxton!

Stay tuned for our October Yoga Class!
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The class will be live, online via zoom and will be added to our website after for anyone to enjoy on their time.

Prema is part of the LITT family, as a member of our support groups, and is an experienced Yoga instructor.

  • All of Prema's classes are gentle yoga classes with some breath-work for  beginners to intermediate.

  • Prema is a 500 hr RYT, Yoga Alliance approved teacher & yoga teacher trainer.
  • She is also a certified shiatsu therapist from Ohashi Institute in New York, so she has knowledge about Chinese meridians and 5 elements theory that can be integrated with yoga to support calming nervous system.
  • Prema keeps her classes online basic and simple for students to be safe and to experience connection to their hearts and body and to calm the mind. Not a workout class!
Check out Prema's Youtube to learn more about her classes!
  • YouTube

The class is structured as follows:

• Start with 15-20 minutes of gentle breath work, intention setting, and movement seated in a chair ( and standing), reducing tension, and opening up neck, shoulders, back and hips then transitioning onto the floor for gentle yoga postures. Offering a combination of yoga poses in chair and floor with accommodations made for those with limitations


• Ending with a 10-15 minute deep relaxation with visualization lying on back on floor with option of legs/feet up on chair for people with back or knee issues. 

• Please have available 2 blankets or big towels, a simple kitchen chair, a belt or long scarf. A yoga (or exercise) mat if you have one but it is not necessary.

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